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Not every business location has a line of site to the satellite (almost 23,000 miles away in a geostationary orbit). Upon your approval we complete Directv programming paperwork and schedule the installation.
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All Bars and Restaurants get weekly e-mail with feature articles from many sources on current topics, money making ideas, management, promotions and more.
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Not only do we pay more; we pay it sooner, you don't have to be a Directv customer, and there is no limit to the amount of referrals you can give. Check out our "Referrals" on the website for more information.

 DirecTV for Business

DK Connections has been the top commercial satellite TV installation and service company in the New York, New York Metropolitan, New Jersey, and Connecticut, area since its inception in 1989.

In 1994, it became the leading DIRECTV for business provider.

From the beginning, DK Connections has been the "Go To" company for anything regarding "DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS". DK Connections has led the industry in the Bar & Restaurant, Private Office, Retail, Waiting Room, Hospitality, Health care, Government, Gyms, Fast Food, and Military categories of commercial television. DIRECTV has always come to us for the impossible installations, customers that needed immediate attention, and "get it done yesterday" business owners.

DK has successfully designed and performed DIRECTV Satellite Installations of well over 4,000 systems throughout the Northeast; primarily in New York City, Long Island, Staten Island, and the other NYC boroughs.

In the beginning, there were few Commercial Satellite TV Dealers around. And through the years, many have come and gone. But always, when the smoke clears, DK Connections is still growing and servicing their customers.
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