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Installing DirecTV dish on building DK Connections has installed DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS on some of the highest buildings in New York City.

Commercial building installations tend to be more complicated than residential houses.

Multi story buildings, flat roofs, line of sight, and how the wiring goes from the dish,through the building, to the receiver make commercial work different from residential.

DK Connections has mastered blending solutions for customers and landlords. We have been called countless times, after others have failed, to successfully get the job done.

DIRECTV offers a variety of packages designed to custom-fit your business needs. With 100% digital picture and sound on every channel, your customers will enjoy the best TV experience around. And with competitive business rates, you'll get more bang for your buck than with most other satellite and cable TV providers.

DIRECTV also has the most sports in HD*, so you can give your customers the best sports lineup from football, baseball, basketball and more. You can get games close to home, or even broadcast events from around the world, since DIRECTV also has plenty of international, specialty and regional sports networks that will satisfy every sports fan. DIRECTV has exhilarating sports packages, including NFL SUNDAY TICKET, ESPN GamePlan, NHL® CENTER ICE® and NBA LEAGUE PASS. Learn More about DirecTV Sports Packages
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