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 Multi Channel (Head End) Systems

Usually found in the hospitality industry, head end systems are designed with Standard Definition and High Definition capabilities. They are usually 24, 36, or 48 channels. Some times they are less and sometimes, more. DK Connections has designed and installed these systems in hotels, motels, hospitals, Senior Housing, and Assisted Living locations.

Head end systems are custom built for each property.
The property owner chooses specific channels which are best suited for their guests.

The equipment is installed in a central location that is only accessible by staff and distributed throughout the building to each TV. Guests simply use the TV remote to change channels.

Another type of system is the L-Band system, which more closely resembles the at-home experience.

Guests have access to potentially hundreds of channels. One receiver is installed per TV in each room. Each receiver will have access to the full programming package(s) selected. This set up is ideal for smaller properties; depending on the number of rooms, it may be a more cost effective alternative to the head-end system.

DK Connections can discuss which may be best for your property.
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