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We were proud to get systems to ground zero on 9/11 through the FBI. With all communication networks overloaded, the only way to see breaking news was via satellite. The FBI called us and we responded immediately.

Since 1994, when Directv began, we have been DIRECTV's "go to guys". They knew we could tackle any job; any problem; and make their customer happy; even when other dealers couldn't.

We provided downlinks for NBC at the Tampa Super Bowl. (This was a situation where everything was live; with no second chances) We have provided TV for many NYC movie sets. Jack Nicholson even got two of us into a movie!!!

We are proud to have installed systems at One Police Plaza, The FBI, the UN, the Federal Reserve Bank, Department of Homeland Security, and all the area airports.

In 2012, during the storm sandy, when the electricity was out for DAYS, we set up all things that are web based out of state. Everything was done via Internet or cell phone. As each area got power, we were called and had technicians ready to get businesses back online. (We even created a system for getting gas when it was rationed.)

What we are "ABOUT" is taking care of every customer; all the time.

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